The Birth Of

Since 2009 I have been bullied by my long time friend’s ex-boyfriend of 17yrs. My friend’s ex named James Phillips is NO prince charming, if he was  then my friend would have never of left him.. Before we start with 2009 lets go back to the year of 2007,  at that time I was using My Life/Reunion… I had to dump my account with My Life/Reunion because of Mr. James Phillips wouldn’t leave me be… I stopped going there and found another way to reconnect with old friends and not to be bothered anymore by this waste of his father’s cum James Phillips… It is sometime in 2009  I really truly wanted to find my friend and done a Google search on her. A profile of her came up on Dating psycho’s website.. This useless jerk painted her out to be a psycho and her family which is very untrue.. I myself should of not have let him of gotten to me and used profanity in this jerks comments.. Well it ended up with him stealing a picture of me, with my husband and dog and he made a blog using my picture without my consent. Both my husband and I have asked him to take it down. Instead of getting angry with this evil bully I am going to make him poster boy on

ImageMy website is going to be where all victims from bullying write to me about the person with picture information and up on a website it goes…

UPDATE: This man wrote on his blog this morning:

Iseem to have my own web site called And for those responsible for it I personally thank you. Those that suffer from personality disorder will (as stated many times before) never take responsibility for their actions and will always need to shift blame away from themselves. Which is one reason they are what I call the “perfect victim”. This trait is one you will always witness whenever meeting a new Dysfunctional Toxic Person (DTP)  if dating them and/or involved with business with them.

One thing any “real” victim must understand is how they the victim need to take their own personal responsibility in that relationship, again albeit a personal or business relationship. This is how one goes from becoming a victim to a survivor. Unlike our counter part the Dysfunctional Toxic Person  (DTP) who again tell others how much past wife husband family members or business partners have hurt them taken advantage of them lied to them and so for and so for. The DTP never moves from being the victim to becoming a survivor. Due to this shift to blame others and never look at themselves by taking part in an abusive relationship, they stay the victim for today tomorrow and all their yesterdays. Sad but true!

Yes I too must and do take full responsibility for my part in that dysfunctional toxic relationship. Learn from it and then grow from that pain. Unless I do take full responsibility for my part then I will forever remain the victim. Seeking out other “Dorothy Chambers” which will only repeat this sick dysfunctional toxic dance between two sick twisted souls.

In healing and then becoming a survivor, I will be stronger wiser and more spiritual then before. My heart and mind free from “denial”. No longer seeking out those who are themselves spiritually dead. You see dear readers when God judges me and then ask me why I did this or that. I need to have his answers with a pure heart. And only the blood of Christ


Hey Jim, did using too much illegal drugs made you think that is your site? To answer your question no the site is not yours… You did not purchase the domain name and hosting… You are only up there because you are an evil bully.. You mentioned GOD in your post, if you have found him do you think that GOD would understand why you are a bully? I really don’t think that GOD would understand why.. If you truly have found Christ like you said that you have, then you would delete the profile on dating psycho’s website and your blog on the blogger..


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